The Hill Behind the Farmhouse {and more}

Hey Friends!

Here I am again, blogging late at night because it's the only time that I have a moment to do it! That's farming and crafting life for ya!

Well, I made a little video for you guys, because it's so hard to show in a picture, or even a series of pictures, a large space and how it is positioned in relation to other features of the property, but I am really having trouble uploading videos to the blog, so here is a link for you to watch it on IGTV! I hope it works for you and it helps you understand the pictures better. I am not that great at talking on video but I am working on it!

So, in case you don't watch the video... the ground slopes up pretty steeply behind the farmhouse, levels off (this is where we put our strawberry bed, which you can see at the end of this long post) and then slopes up again, eventually turning into woods. That steepest part right before the tree line has been all grown up with vines and shrubs, and a few fallen trees have been littering it up. Dad and the boys have been working hard cleaning it up (it's quite a large area and very time consuming) and over the last few days they have planted lots of apple trees, blueberry bushes and elderberry shrubs up there, which we are so excited about!

Another thing I am particularly excited about on that hill behind the house is the ENORMOUS mock orange shrub that is growing up there! We didn't know what it was until the blooms started opening, but oh my goodness! What beauty, and you can already smell it when the breeze blows. You can see the mock orange in the background of the above picture, on the right hand side. It is huge! I took some pictures of the first blooms for you, and I cannot wait for it to be covered in these stunning, fragrant blossoms. I just wish it bloomed for longer-- it goes by way too fast (we had a mock orange at our last home).

In the picture below you can see one of the new little apple trees that Dad and the boys planted, as well as a couple of the blueberry bushes in the foreground. That huge green mound in the back is the mock orange. Does anyone have any idea when we should prune that wild thing back?

We bought Dad blueberry bushes for his birthday, so I think we have around 8 bushes now. We got different varieties so hopefully they ripen over a period of time.

Some of them already have berries! They won't go very far for a family of our size, but in a few years we will hopefully be getting very nice harvests. The soil is uncommonly good around the farmhouse and everything we put in the ground seems to thrive. That is a true gift, as all of the other places we've lived over the years have had either mediocre or downright sorry soil.

We also planted these cool little elderberry shrubs, which you can see below. They will get about 10 feet tall, but will stay skinny. I hope they do well here! It will be so cool to be able to make our own elderberry syrups and tinctures.

This is a little off topic because it isn't on the hill behind the house, it is on the hill beside the house... but Mom and Dad have been working on this flower and herb garden (below) and it is turning out just stunning! Don't you think so!? That lavender topiary is too cute! Again, everything we've put into the ground has just exploded with beautiful growth. It is so rewarding to watch it all flourish.

Some of you may remember that we planted several David Austin roses around the farmhouse and Flock Cottage. They were bare root plants and looked so unimpressive when we put them in the ground, but they are growing so well! The one pictured below is a Lady of Shalott and it will get huuuuggge. I can't wait to see it bloom. David Austin roses caught my eye a few years ago (I saw them in various people's Instagram posts) but this is the first year we've grown them, so it will be a bit of an adventure.

Lastly, I had to show you my Iceland poppies. They are just blooming away daily and I hope they keep it up all summer.

I hope you enjoyed the update! Let me know if you have any questions!

Also, let me know what you think we should give away for our next giveaway, which I will be posting soon!

xx, Loran