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Summer at Flock Cottage 《VIDEO》(plus a little update on the work we are doing on the farm)

Hey Friends!

How has everyone been? We have been BUSY here at Rooster's Chapel/Polder's Old World Market. When you don't hear much from me, it's not because there isn't much going on, but because there is. I am terrible at documenting progress-- I am much better at showing something that is completed-- but so much is happening around here! So if we are slow at answering emails, or late in getting your order out, please know we are working really hard but just having a bit of trouble managing this busy summer seamlessly.

The last few weeks we have been doing major developing of the property/farm. As many of you know, we purchased the small farm directly adjoining and wrapping around the 2 acres our farmhouse sits on. The land rises steeply behind the farmhouse, and there is a good swatch of woods before you reach the pastures and little house up on the farm. When we bought the farm we decided it was sensible (and would add great value to the farm) to put in our own private drive from the farmhouse, through the woods and up to the farmland. We also decided to make the woods park-like-- meaning that instead of thick and dense, we want them to be open, grassy and only be dappled shade, with mostly large, mature trees. The guys have been working almost non-stop with a logging team to quickly finish this phase of the farm development, as we cannot afford to have this project drag out over time. This logging job is a little different than the usual, as the guys are cleaning up the mess as they go. The idea is to not have a littered disaster of branches and debris laying all over our woods.

Next spring the grass will begin filling in, the road will be in use, and we plan to plant all sorts of shade loving flowers along the road and paths to make it absolutely enchanting! I will be sharing some footage soon of the work in progress up there, but as you can imagine it is not the prettiest right now. We can't wait for our vision for the farm to be reality, and to be able to share it with all of you... not only here on the blog, but eventually in person! So exciting!

In the mean time, I wanted to share this little video I made of the Flock Cottage today. It is really starting to look late-summer-ish, if not autumnal out there. We are getting anywhere from 18-24 eggs a day right now, not counting the duck eggs we get every day! Don't forget that you can expand the video to full screen so you can view it more easily. I really hope you enjoy!

xx, Loran

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