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Spring at Rooster's Chapel in Pictures

Amelia holding an apron-full of fresh eggs, Narcissa the hen and an armload of apple blossoms.

Hello Friends!

I don't think I was prepared for how busy this spring would be! As soon as everything came to life once the cold weather broke we have been elbow deep in farm/garden related projects non stop it seems (in addition to running Polder's Old World Market of course). I'm going to have to try to catch you all up with one giant photo album post so you don't miss this beautiful season here at Rooster's Chapel.

We expanded the gardens around the Flock Cottage at least 4x the size they were last year. Soon climbing roses will cover the trellis.

Everything is SO green! It all happened overnight, and we have been getting sunny almost HOT weather lately, so things are growing like crazy. We've been working hard in the flower gardens getting all of the greenhouse starts in and cleaning up the perennials that survived from last year and I have to say, things are looking really pretty! Most things haven't even started blooming yet, but the foxgloves are in full bloom and we have some potted flowers. The tulips and daffodils put on a lovely show of course, though those are about wrapped up now. The rose plants are COVERED in buds so we will have hundreds of roses soon! I cannot wait to show you.

Foxglove is one of my favorite cottage garden flowers. Dad grew these beauties from seed last year and they are blooming for the first time this year!

Some of my favorite spring flowers are the wild plum blossoms that explode like a fragrant cloud for just a few days. They are gone now but I'm glad I was able to capture them.

It's mostly green right now, but these beds are filled with garden roses, asters, nasturtiums, sage, foxglove, pastel yarrow and so much more. By June it should be magical.

Last year we had beautiful strawberry beds but no fruit. This year our hard work is paying off. Look at all of those baby strawberries!

Strawberry preserves coming soon!

We added lots of new roses to our gardens this year. This one is called At Last and it's a keeper! Heavenly form, color and fragrance.

The meadows are full of wildflowers of all sorts. You can see thousands of buttercups here, and a newly plowed field ready for planting.

The peonies are blooming beautifully up on the farm.

Speaking of wildflowers.... isn't this scene just heavenly? Fini our Jersey calf sure thought so!

She's a cutie isn't she? Spring means baby calves on the farm!

It looks like we are going to have a bumper crop of blackberries and black raspberries this year. So many blossoms!

I hope you enjoy all of the pictures! I have to get out in the garden and finish planting. We have several vegetable garden plots this year, and we are continuing to prepare more areas. I'll be back soon with an update specifically about our veggie gardens. Until then, drop a comment and let me know what spring looks like in your area!

xx, Loran

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