Random Thoughts & Pretty Pictures

Are you tired of seeing creek and duck pictures yet? I just never get tired of taking my camera down there on these spontaneous little evening visits. We don't prepare for these "shoots", they are entirely candid... but it is just so gorgeous down there that there's no end to the opportunities to capture lovely shots.

Alyssa and Gem are nearly always both with me when I take the ducks to swim. It's our little tradition. These little sisters of mine have polar opposite personalities, styles and interests, but they are two of my favorite people in the world. They help me care for the ducks and chickens on a daily basis. It's one of few things they both enjoy equally, and I enjoy their help and company.

As the ducks have gotten bigger, they have gotten much more independent and it's much harder to round them up to go swimming. We still take them every few days though because swimming is good for their legs, their feathers, and it cleans their little noses out, which get dusty. Plus, they just love swimming! Their pure joy in the water is the cutest thing and they always get excited once they can see the creek, they are just being real pickles about coming when we call them! We have to herd them most of the way down there now, whereas in the past they just waddled after us as soon as they knew we were headed that way. I was kind of hoping they would always come when we called them but, alas, they are getting all grown up and stubborn. Oh well, we still like them just the same :)

From what I gather, they should be about full size now, and they should start laying eggs in August or September, which isn't all that awful far away. I am pretty sure we have three females and a male, which is terribly lucky!

It is Dads birthday today, and we had such a nice time relaxing and grilling out and working in the yard, so our visit to the creek was just a little part of a lovely day. Did you have a good day? I hope so! Thank you all for dropping by. I'll be back soon with another little update.

xx, Loran