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Our Vegetable Garden Progress

Hello Friends!

I'm back to give you a peek at our veggie gardens. Last spring was our first growing season here at Rooster's Chapel and we were so excited to finally be able to landscape that we focused mainly on flower gardening. Though I forgot momentarily that we DID have a really big vegetable garden up at the farm that was doing great, but our cows got out and destroyed it in moments. Life with livestock... *sigh*.

Anyway, this spring we are flower gardening and drastically expanding our vegetable gardening spaces. We really love making everything both pretty and functional/practical, and we're aiming for an Old World homestead look, so we are growing neatly laid out plots of veggies in several spots, both down here near the farmhouse and up at the farm too. I always say "up at the farm" because the farm lies behind the house up a steep hill and through a patch of woods, so it is sort of separate from the 2 acres our home is situated on (though it is connected and used to be part of the same tract of land).

The garden space shown above is probably my favorite veggie plot so far. We put down manure and rotting hay several weeks ago to break down the sod which worked beautifully, and it has a bit of a patchwork appearance that I think looks so quaint and homey. I named this one the Victory Garden after the famous gardens of WW2. The other gardens have much less charming names like "the garden on the side of the shop" and "the big garden in the hay field".

Purple Bush Beans

Potato Bed

This is the "garden on the side of the shop" (above), which is actually where we grew the dahlias last year. The dahlia tubers I left in the ground actually survived and sprouted beautifully this spring, which is nice! Supposedly this zone (we are in growing zone 6b) is too cold to leave dahlia tubers in the soil over winter, but it worked out fine this year. So this garden bed has an assortment of dahlias and French hollyhocks, mint, Indian Springs hollyhocks along the wall (just planted this year), sweet onions, kale, cabbage, sprouting broccoli and a few other flowers. Oh and my America climbing rose which is about to burst into bloom. This garden lies alongside the tiny shop where we carve all of the dreamware!

Then we have this very neat, long garden plot which is just starting to sprout. It is in between the garden on the side of the shop and the Victory Garden, all of which are down here near the farmhouse and within sight of one another. We planted sweet corn, sunflowers, savoy cabbages, beets, turnips and lots more in this garden. We are hoping to preserve quite a lot of food this summer!

One thing I think is cool is that we all have our own spaces we've adopted and are tending to. Dad and Abigail are working on the big garden up at the farm, Mary and Abigail have another big garden plot in the rich soil where the cows were pinned up a lot last year near the milking shed, I am tending the Victory Garden and the garden on the side of the shop (and the Flock Cottage flower gardens of course)... John-Micah, Rebekah and the little girls have their own little garden spaces scattered about and Mom and I are working together on the long garden plot shown above.

John-Micah's broccoli looks amazing! You can see the Flock Cottage flower gardens in the background beyond his little plot.

We are growing artichoke for the first time this year. I started the plants from seed in the greenhouse a few months ago and the plants look amazing!

Cabbage, kale and sweet onions.

Radishes nestled in the hay.

A row of basil and cilantro, which we use a lot in our cooking.


You can't see them from here, but this garden of Mary and Abigail's is just full of perfect little sprouts! If you look closely you can see their onions in rows. The hay mulch keeps the ground evenly moist.

Daddy's birthday was a few days ago on May 15, and we were able to harvest this small haul of kale, lettuce and radishes for a salad to go with the birthday dinner. It's so exciting to be able to harvest portions of our meals from our own garden. Plus it tastes so much better than grocery store produce.

They aren't growing in our veggie gardens, but look at the baby apples on one of our apple trees! So excited about these!

Looks like we're going to have a bunch of cherries this year too.

It feels so good to be gardening on a larger scale this year. We are hoping to continue learning and expanding our skills and growing spaces so that we can have extra to sell to our local community as early as next spring. This year we are focusing on growing a large portion of our own fresh food (as well as for our livestock). Thanks for following along as we learn and grow.

Drop a comment and let us know what you're growing this year, even if it's a small pot of herbs on your kitchen windowsill :)

xx, Loran

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