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Hello Autumn

Autumn is finally here, and I can feel it in the air.

Some days, the breeze is wet and chilly. When the wind gusts fading leaves billow into the air in swirling masses and paper the damp asphalt on the road in front of our farmhouse.

Other days, the sun is brilliant and hot, but there is still that crisp cool feeling in the air, and the evenings get downright nippy.

We are burning candles in the house almost constantly. I am putting on a light sweater more and more often. Hearty food tastes better and better. Campfires are happening more frequently.

As the gardens wind down outside, we are getting back to work on inside projects that have been left partially finished ever since spring arrived. We are finally stripping the kitchen floor down to the original wood. We will start tiling the backsplash soon and then I will repaint the cabinets. I'm excited to get the kitchen looking more presentable because I want to start recording recipe tutorials in there! We are also making progress on the little kitchen in the house up at the farm. Mom and I picked out paint colors today and got the paint for the cabinets.

I said the gardens are winding down and they are, but we are still getting tons of blooms. I get more and more excited to see what everything looks like in the spring. Much of what we planted this year will come back next year, and I want to expand in the spring mostly with plants I grow from seed-- so the plan is to get a greenhouse up sometime during the fall or winter.

I'm not looking forward to the first freeze taking away all of the blooms I've grown accustomed to having at my fingertips, but I will spend the cold months planning for a beautiful growing season next year. And next year, there will be more flowers, and more veggies too!

The auction we ran this week was a wonderful success, and I want to thank everyone who participated because you make it possible for us to continue operations and keep making progress on these big dreams of ours. We are doing the vast majority of the work ourselves here at Rooster's Chapel, so the progress isn't super rapid, but it is happening! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that life is a journey and not a destination. Turning Rooster's Chapel into the home and venue we've dreamt of for years is a journey and we are savoring it. Thank you for being on the journey with us!

I am not the best at plotting out what behind the scenes stuff to show next, because I am a spontaneous creative at heart. And I also like to show pretty stuff more than work in progress stuff, BUT if there are specific work-in-progress topics you'd like me to cover in a blog post, tell me and I'll do it! I am definitely planning a blog post soon on how we stripped the kitchen floor since it was a huge undertaking and may be helpful to someone else to see how we ended up doing it efficiently.

Anyway, thanks for being here! Drop a comment and tell me what the first few days of autumn have looked like for you.

xx, Loran

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