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Happy Saturday

Hey friends! How was your day? Mine was lazy but busy... is that possible? I tried to "weekend" a bit, but I spent most of the day shooting pictures and listing ready to ship dreamware in our shop. I meant to get all the vintage items and these delicious new candies (pictured above) listed too, but with slow internet, it was wishful thinking. I finally got all the dreamware up on the website, so if you'd like to see what's available, click here.

Besides loading ready to ship dreamware listings on the website, we've been planning our new chicken coop out today and I think we've settled on getting a prefab building since building supplies are SO expensive right now, there isn't much of a price difference. I can't wait to share our coop with you! It's going to be so pretty. There *may* be window boxes and landscaping involved.

We ordered chicks this year, but when we went to the farm supply store to get feed and other chick raising necessities, they had breeds that we didn't find online so we had to get some of those too. We may have gotten a little carried away, but hey, our coop, flock AND egg supply will be gorgeous.

More to come soon on that and many other projects we have in the works! Wait until you see the flowers I ordered the other day 😍.

So tell me about what you have going on! I want to hear all about it!

Xo, Loran

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