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Flock Cottage Window Shelf

Hey Friends!

I hope everyone had a great week! We had a busy one, but a good one. We've had alternating sun and rain, which is making all of the new spring growth explode and everything is looking prettier and prettier in the woods and on the farms around here.

Even though it was drizzling all day, Dad helped me get this shelf put up under the window on the Flock Cottage and I LOVE how it turned out!

The original plan was to put a wrought iron window box/cage under the window and fill it with terracotta flower pots, but as fate would have it, all of the wrought iron window boxes that I liked were around $200, and I was having a really hard time swallowing that price for a chicken coop. I finally got the bright idea to buy these gorgeous cast iron shelf brackets instead, and put a rustic shelf under the window and put our flower pots on it. It was a fraction of the cost, and looks every bit as beautiful as I had hoped.

Mom found this stunning geranium (it is called Regal Elegance) and I snatched one up for the window. I just love the deep purple color and the ruffled leaves.

We used a mix of new and vintage terracotta pots in different heights. It already looks so perfect, but I can't wait for the flowers and ivy to start spilling over the sides of the pots.

I love the curly stems on this pincushion flower (left) and the marshmallow-y scrunchiness of the soft pink ranunculus.

We still need to close in the bottom with stone, and that back corner needs to be trimmed/capped properly. But we are making progress! You can see our apple tree in full bloom beyond the coop in the above picture.

I planted ivy on the ground around the base of the huge oak tree that is next to the coop. I hope that it will take off and cover the ground, and grow up the tree and the side of the coop over the next few years.

I also hope that it chokes out all of the poison ivy that is growing around that tree. My face is finally starting to clear up from the horrible poison ivy rash breakout I have been dealing with over the past week. I've had to take steroids to get it under control. Its annoying being so allergic to it and it is EVERYWHERE around here.

We of course had to get the chicks opinion of the new addition to their cottage. After a thorough inspection they seemed to begrudgingly approve.

I hope you enjoyed this update on the Flock Cottage! Drop a comment and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful remainder of your weekend!

xo, Loran

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