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Clean Eating | Chicken, Asparagus & Broccoli Dinner

Hey Friends!

We love eating good food around here, and while we cook virtually all of our meals at home and cook almost entirely from scratch, we are not exactly health nuts ;) We love potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, lemonade, pizza and anything else cheesy, creamy or sweet. Sometimes our diet gets a little too "comfort food" focused and I start feeling yucky after a while. The last 6 months has been that way and I decided that at least for the next month I am going be eating clean food with mom and focusing on drinking lots of water. Mom already eats pretty clean, since some health issues forced her to change her diet a couple years ago-- so I am just cooking enough for both of us at meals for right now.

This afternoon we both had big salads but tonight I made this quick pan of chicken breast and veggies, which was really yummy. I am a big fan of super quick and simple meals, because we are always running, and this took less than 20 minutes to prepare and cook. This isn't really a recipe but I'll explain here how I made it so you can try it if you need a quick idea!

I cooked this meal in one of our amazing hand forged pans. These are made by an incredibly talented local blacksmith and we sell them in the shop. We use them in our own kitchen not only because they are gorgeous and look so Old World, but because they heat so evenly and are truly the best possible cookware! I just love them.

So, I heated up my pan and put a bit of our farm-fresh butter in (I ended up needing more fat and used olive oil too). Once it was bubbling I added minced garlic, the asparagus pieces (I just snap it into pieces a few inches long with my hands) and the broccoli florets. I seasoned with Mrs. Dashes Table Blend, salt and pepper.

I let the veggies sauté for a couple minutes and then added the chicken breast pieces (seasoned the same way) and cooked until done. When it was getting super close to being finished I added a light sprinkle of bleu cheese crumbles. I know that was sort of extra but I needed it to be yummy, and it was a lot better than having a piece of pizza! It was DELICIOUS, and so quick!

By the way, many of you said you wanted to know what dreamware we use for different tasks in the kitchen. For this recipe, I used our very well-loved Elisha Spatula. Also pictured in this blog post is our delightfully luxurious flax linen Waffle Weave Oversized Dish Towel.

If you try the "recipe" let me know! Anyone else trying to eat better this summer? Leave a comment and tell me about it!

Xx, Loran

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