Almost Finished with Flock Cottage! [Video]

Happy weekend, friends!

I finally have a proper update to share :) We actually got the run up for the chickens and ducks! I am so excited for them to be able to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine all day every day. It is also much nicer because most of the mess stays outside, instead of in the coop.

We still have to get the gate built. Right now we just have wire stretched across the opening. Soon there will be a cute gate, with a trellis/archway over the gate and it will have climbing roses over it! I can't wait to see it all grown up and "naturalized" as I like to call it.

I can't decide if I want to close in the stonework around the back of the coop inside the run. The birds seem to really love the cool shade under there, and it gives them more space, though I don't think they actually need more room. It would look prettier closed in, and I am a little worried they will want to lay their eggs under there, so we will see. We also need to build a proper ramp for the chickens and ducks to be able to go in and out of the coop.

I came up with the idea to build this nifty little gravel pad for the waterer to sit on, because the ducks love to splash in the water and when they drink they shoot water out the sides of their mouths like little motor boat engines. I'm really glad to have the water out of the coop and in the run for this reason, but I still didn't want the ducks making a mud hole around the waterer. With this gravel pad, the water drains down through the pebbles and doesn't make a mess. It also makes it easy to set the waterer down level so the water doesn't spill out one side and drain away.

Can you believe how big the chickens are getting? They look like miniature grown up hens. We ended up with three Salmon Faverolle roosters, but not one rooster from any of the other breeds we got, which I think is funny because several of the breeds we got "straight run" and normally you would end up with at least a few roosters. I can't wait till they start crowing! I miss hearing rooster crows. I think it adds to much to the farm environment and it just sounds homey and cheery!

I hope you enjoyed this little update! What big projects are you working on lately? I would love to hear about it! We are making progress on all of our landscaping around the house but it does seem like a never ending project. Good thing we enjoy it so much! I am focusing mainly around the Flock Cottage, but we are also putting in a blueberry patch, more apple trees, an herb garden and much more! I hope to share more progress pictures of all of that soon.

Don't miss the little video I uploaded at the very bottom. I made it for Instagram but wanted to share it here too!

Thank you all for following along! I hope your weekend is amazing.

xo, Loran