A Special Thing ♡

It's a special thing, to be able to step out of the big grinder and carve out a life (literally) making beautiful and practical things with our hands. To wake up in the morning to step outside and take the time to look over all the new blossoms that have opened, and appreciate how pretty the dew looks, glistening on jewel toned petals. To watch the ducks and chickens spill pell-mell out of the little door of Flock Cottage like they've been waiting for me for hours. To pick handfuls of wild raspberries just for the flock, because they are so fun to watch fight greedily over each little morsel. To work together making the goods that provide our livelihood, to be able to capture our lifestyle through the lens of my camera and share it with all of you. To have this community to be a part of. It wouldn't be half as much joy without anyone to share it with. Thank you for making it possible for us to do this. Thank you for keeping this sort of thing alive in the world. We love all of you and appreciate you so much.

Xx, Loran ♡

Image: Three handcrafted Board Royales in the most exquisite wood selections are held up by my sister, Rebekah, in front of the rustic door of Flock Cottage.