A New Addition to the Farm: QUAIL ♡

Hello Friends!

I hope you had a really special weekend with your family and friends celebrating freedom and remembering those who have given everything to secure that blessing for us. My mom and sisters and I traveled back to Virginia from Florida on Saturday, and it was a wee bit crazy on the interstates! We were in Florida for a week to support my older sister and her family as they welcomed her fifth baby! Madelyn Lucia is absolutely perfect in every way, and everyone is healthy and happy. We were so grateful to be there to watch her siblings and welcome her home from the hospital.

It really does take all of us to run this family business (Polder's Old World Market) and while the guys did keep on working in the wood shop while we were gone, everything else came to a standstill, so we couldn't stay gone for too long. We have so many things to do now that we are home! So many orders to pack, so many pictures to take of ready to ship items, so much work to catch up on the farm. But we enjoy it (mostly) ;) There's always those days.

Yesterday we had a special delivery from a local friend who brought us a dozen female Red Pharaoh Quail and a couple males! We have been wanting to raise quail for a while, and we finally jumped in. We will hatch the eggs to raise meat birds for our own table, sell the extras, use the beautiful eggs in our photography, and also enjoy the breeders as pets. They are beautiful little things! And this particular breed is quite docile and friendly compared to other types of quail.

In other news, I was worried when we left for Florida that the mock orange would be done blooming by the time we got back but it is currently in it's full glory and looks magnificent! It smells so good too. The blooms don't last super well for cut flowers but I still have vases of them sitting everywhere. I just trade them out for more when they start drooping.

As usual, I took lots of pictures because I wanted you to see how beautiful the birds, eggs and flowers are. I hope you enjoy them! One day I will put all of this photography in a coffee table book or start a magazine ;) Which one do you think would be better?

Have you ever raised quail? Have you ever eaten quail or quail eggs? Do you have a mock orange? So many questions! Let me know if *you* have a specific question about the quail (or anything else for that matter) and I'll try to answer it! Leave a comment, I absolutely love to hear from you.

We have another new addition to the farm that I'll share about in a few weeks! Any guesses what it is?

Xx, Loran