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A Fresh Perspective

The current view of Flock Cottage from the hillside.

A few of days ago I sent a mass email out to all of our newsletter/email list subscribers asking if everyone is still getting our emails in their inbox. We've had a lot of trouble with emails going into spam folders, so now every time things get quiet out there I am afraid Gmail is filtering us out of sight again. The result was that we received hundreds of beautiful messages from so many of you who wanted to let us know how much you enjoy hearing from us and seeing the photography we include in our newsletters. Many of you expressed that you love our workmanship and our content and look forward to making purchases when things are less strained, because let's be honest-- the rising cost of EVERYTHING is impacting all of us in some way. Just the cost of groceries and animal feed is insane right now!

Wild violets popping up in our raised strawberry bed.

Our hens are laying like crazy and look so pretty this spring!

It was so incredibly encouraging to get all of those thoughtful messages, guys. One sweet lady said that our content is a distraction for her from everything happening in the news these days. Wow! That gave me a whole new perspective on the opportunity we have to encourage and lift you all up during this time. So many of you thanked us for our beautiful images, saying how much you enjoy and look forward to them. It really lifted us up and reminded us that we have an amazingly supportive community of friends and customers, and it is special to know that we have a way to give back to all of you who have supported our small business over the years in the form of uplifting and inspiring content during troubling times.

Crumpet is a Prairie Bluebell Egger and lays soft blue eggs.

There are a lot of heavy and heartbreaking things happening around the world but we are constantly encouraged and reminded that God is working all of these things out for good, including the difficulties in our personal lives. This year has been a doozy for our family already, and we’re only a few months into it. Just a few days after the new year began our family was slammed with a very painful situation in our immediate circle that is still unfolding and causing a great deal of grief in our home. It is not something that we expect to be immediately resolved and it’s affecting every aspect of our lives, but we are choosing to trust God to work out His best and pushing ahead with our goals and plans for this year. It’s not something we want to go into detail about right now, but we would appreciate prayers for our family so very much! The last few years have been an intense ride for us, as many of you know, and I rather expected 2022 to be a reprieve. Instead we have a huge opportunity to learn and grow and adjust more. Many of you are probably experiencing similar stretching circumstances and we would love to be able to pray for you. We gather as a family to pray nearly every afternoon, and if we can lift you up about anything, please let us know in the comments, or send us an email.

The girls are so nosy when anyone is in the nest boxes!

I promised you that I would be keeping you up to date on our greenhouse situation this spring, so I’ll be back soon with a blog post about our successes and failures so far this year!

Much love to you all!

Xx, Loran

I took these pictures in the greenhouse one week ago and I'm pretty sure everything has more than doubled in size. So exciting!

Baby yarrow seedlings.


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